Michigan State University Website Breached, 1431 login details leaked by @Darwinare

The famous Anonymous hacker @Darwinare has breached the Michigan State University’s website server [http://www.msu.edu] and  leaked 1431 login credentials of the students and staff.

The breach was announced by the hacker on its officiaTwitter account the leak is now available on PasteBin, according to which the method used to gain access to the server was MySQL Oracle Database Backdoor.

The leak data contains emails and encrypted passwords of 1431 university staff, students and other users, the data can be found here.

@Darwinare has been leaking database of many high profile companies and universities, including the database of University of Colorado. The hacker also played a vital role during #OpIsrael.

To view other hacks and history of @Darwinare, visit here, follow the hacker on Twitter and Facebook.

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