10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps

If you think you have seen it all then you are wrong. Google Earth and Google Map for unknown reasons wont allow you to see everything. There are uncountable places and secrets which are kept under darkness by Google Maps. However, we have put up a list of 10 places which are censored by Google Maps. 

1: The Royal Residence, The Netherlands

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam in the Netherlands — called Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam — joins a long list of places blurred on Google Maps related to the Dutch royal family, including the Royal Stables and another residence called Huis ten Bosch

2: Buffalo Niagara International Airport

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is largely whited out on Google Maps and details can’t be seen when the area is zoomed in.

3: Tantauco National Park, Chile

The Tantauco National Park in Chile can only be seen from a marker via Google Maps. The private natural reserve is home to many endangered animals.

4: Keowee Dam, South Carolina 

Man-made reservoir Keowee Dam on Lake Keowee in South Carolina is also blurred on Google Maps. Shaped like a Christmas tree, the dam helps run a power utility called the Duke Energy company.

5:  Mysterious Russian Site

We’re not entirely sure why this location in Russia has been blurred out, especially since it’s in the Siberian tundra. The closest city is Egvekinot, Russia, which is a neighbor to Alaska across the Bering Strait.

6: Minami Torishima Airport, Japan

The Minami Torishima Airport — a one-runway airport serving the island of Minami Torishima, located off the east coast of Japan — is oversaturated with white. It is currently used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

7: The Michael Aaf Building, Utah

The Dugway Proving Ground in Dugway, Utah is a region occupied by the U.S. Army where the military can test biological and chemical weapon systems. The Michael Aaf building on the proving ground is whited out, most likely for security reasons.

8: Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York

The Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant in Ithaca, NY — which opened in 2010 — is blurred on Google Maps. The high-tech, eco-friendly facility generates electricity from natural gas as a part of the university’s effort to lower its carbon dioxide emissions.

9: Babylon, Iraq

The city of Babylon, Iraq looks more like endless farmland than a bustling city.

10: Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Properties owned by the Dutch royal family aren’t the only places blurred in the Netherlands. Joining the list are the oil tanks in Vlissingen (pictured), as well as several army bases and air force bases. The land area to the left also appears to be pixelated and adjusted.

  1. Babylon is not a bustling city; it is an archaealogical site. If it is blurred, it is probably in order to hide the damage done there by the US military.

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