10,000 Indian Government and Military Emails Hacked

India’s government and military organisations have faced one of the most devastating and worst cyber attacks in the nation’s history when 10,000 emails from top government ministries and military officials were hacked, ignoring the earlier warning from National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (India’s Cyber Security Agency) about upcoming cyber attacks. 

The compromised IDs belong to the officials working at Prime Minister Office (PMO), external affairs, defence authorities,  home office, finance ministries and top of the most, the IDs of several Indian intelligence agencies. The government has blamed ‘state actors’ for the incident which are based inside the country, working against the national interests. 

The attack was conducted on 12/06/2012, while the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre had warned the government about cyber attacks on 08/06/2012. The agency specifically warned its military and government about a malware attack that may be devastating if executed. 

TheIndianExpress reports that the news was reveled this week by intelligence officers during NCIIPC meeting in New Delhi.

The Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs took the biggest hit, plus strategic information related to critical sectors, including troop deployment, was compromised. “Paramilitary forces were also badly hit, especially the Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), as deployments were revealed. There were serious cases of negligence, the involvement of insiders, if any, is also being checked.”

The NTRO officials did not reveled the name of state actors but assure to take security measures in future. He added that”

We would not like to name the state actors but D4 — destroy, disrupt, deny and degrade — process was initiated and counter offensive launched.

This is not the first time when Indian government is under cyber attacks and being clueless about it, in past  294 Indian Government Websites were hacked at the beginning of 2012. The sites belong to various level of ministries within the Indian  government setup. 

While a total number of 201, 303, 308 private Indian websites were also hacked during the same period of time.

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