12 Vietnamese Government Website Hacked by Moroccan Ghosts

The hackers from Moroccan Ghosts collectively have hacked and defaced 12 Vietnamese government owned websites. The hacked websites includes National Committee on Ageing, Union Water Resources Planning and Investigation Authority and North-South Expressway etc. 


In an email conversation, the hackers explained that this is their first ever attack on Vietnamese government websites and the attack will continue until the Vietnam government doesn’t stop supporting the Polisario Front, which is a Sahrawi rebel national liberation movement working for ending Moroccan hold of Western Sahara. 

The hackers left a very unique hand written and signature deface page along with a message, according to which: 

Dear Government of Vietnam,

We are not here to ask you why and what you gonna win by supporting Polisario front but to tell you that this is our first attack on your government websites and be sure, take it as a challenge  we won’t stop until we see the change.

Moroccan Ghosts

The links of hacked websites are available on :http://pastebin.com/71p8LTjt and the mirrors are available here http://pastebin.com/krspRtyK.

This is not the first time when these 12 government sites are hacked, in past a hacker with the handle of Margu had hacked the same websites.

At the time of publishing this article, all websites were hacked and displaying deface page left by Moroccan Ghosts

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