127 Israeli Website Hacked by Indonesian Hackers

A group of Indonesian hackers from Biang Kerox Team have hacked and defaced 127+ Israeli based websites.

Team left their deface page along with a message on hacked websites, yet reason for hacking sites was not mentioned, according to the deface message:

  • Biang Kerox Team Was Here! Sultan Haikal, Prof Lang Ling Lund, AntonKill, Xevil BHC, Biang Kerox Team- All Indonesia Hacker.

All sites were hacked yesterday where most of them belong to private business such as, construction business, schools & universities, web development & software houses, photography sites, mechanics and technology based websites.

Links and mirrors of all hacked Israeli sites are available here.

Among the team, one name that is prominent in hacking Israeli and Chinese site is Sultan Haikal, he is known for his high skills in defacing high profile government websites.

At the time of publishing this article, most of the sites were restored while others were taken offline.


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