1,355 Websites Hacked by Saadi & Hax.r00t of Pak Cyber Army (PCA)

Saadi & Hax.r00t from Pakistan have hacked ‎1,355 Websites, while following deface page was posted on all the hacked websites

                                                                                         [Hacked BY Saadi n Hax.r00t ]

Pak Cyber Army (PCA)
Are you Guys IT experts? Shame on you !
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Greetz : Saadi, Napsters , R4yd3n, Mr.Creepy , Mr.Freak , Mkhan , Seeker ,
Cyb3rRock3r PCP , Pak Cyber Pyrates ,kr4l and Liquid Sky 

                                                                                        #[Hax.r00t] keeps eye on you !

Complete list of hacked Hacked websites


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