17 Chinese held in Philippines for Cyber-crime

The Philippine police last week arrested a group of 15 Chinese women and 2 men. This group was arrested on behalf of a fraudulent activity they carried out over the internet successfully. After week of thorough investigations the police declared this group criminals after which the Chinese police was after. 

Previously, Chinese police has contacted the Philippine unit for arresting a group which had run away from their backyard to stay away from being arrested. The Philippine police checked the suspect’s passports and immigration documents and they found them to be illegal. The immigration authorities has announced to immediately depot the criminals as soon as possible and has been charged with severe immigration offences.

“All of them could not present their passports and travel documents, thus we will deport them for being undocumented and overstaying aliens,” said an immigration official.

The fraudulent activity that the group carried out was another new form of cyber crime; the group worked over the internet as a virtual customer support for some products or services and forced them to transfer funds into their own accounts then rest was a history.

This is not the first Philippine police has arrested a group on the charges of a fraudulent activity. Previous year too, they caught a group of Tiwanese over a fraudulent activity online. According to the police, while searching the criminals they kept a strict eye over the criminals’ accommodation in Philippine and then attacked them suddenly.

The Department of industry and trade has warned the entrepreneurs over the cyber hacking and have insisted them to take strict measures on it. The Philippine government has during recent times has induced some laws to curb the cyber crimes out of their country, but, there has been a number of oppositions against it. The reason behind it is the loss of freedom for the people in the country, but, it now seems that the laws are needed to be mandatory within Philippines.

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