2 York Government Sites Defaced by Iranian Ashiyane Digital Security Team

Two York County government websites were hacked and defaced early Monday morning by Ashiyane Digital Security Team  from Iran. 


The targeted websites are high profile, belonging to the Public informational websites for the York County Economic Development (ycedb.com) York County Solicitor’s Office (yorkcountygov.com) were showing deface page along with a deface message. According to the deface message:


This is We Love Iran, D4J was here…”Hacked by Ashiyane Digital Security Team.

While the county officials confirmed the attack and told the press that sites were apparently hacked by gaining access of one of the old server because county had spent about $14,000 to move sites to the company’s server, which would add enhanced security, Abernathy said.

Officials “can’t totally secure the older stuff…these attacks constantly happen,” Abernathy said, adding, “hackers are all over the place. Today may be China, tomorrow may be Canada. Today, you’re good and tomorrow, you’re vulnerable.” 

Ashiyane Digital Security Team is an active Iranian hack and security team and the oldest one in Iran. Founded by Behrooz Kamalian in the early 2002, Ashiyane focused on improving the security of Iranian websites. Since then, Ashiyane held several seminars and courses for beginners with the aim of demonstrating the importance of online security. Ashiyane currently has more than 30 official members and the headquarters is located in Tehran. Ashiyane ranked first in Zone-H’s list of notifiers for a while

At the time of publishing this article, the website of York County Solicitor’s Office was restored and working online, while the York County Economic Development was offline and showing bad host message. 

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