210 days prison for crypto CEO who held 13k child abuse & beastiality files

Only 6 months for a convicted pedophile.
210 days prison for crypto CEO who held 13k child abuse & beastiality files

A Crypto firm’s CEO got around just 6 months in prison for possessing 13,000 Child abuse & beastiality files depicting infant/child and animal sexual abuse.

In a rather twisted turn of events for the public and the innocent minor victims of sexual abuse, the CEO of a Utah-based defunct cryptocurrency firm is sentenced for 210 days in prison by Judge Douglas Hogan

The decision has caused an uproar among the masses and a petition to remove Justice Hogan has been launched online. People are criticizing the decision as the 40-year old CEO Dough Saltsman faced up to 15 years in prison.

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What’s shocking is that based on the time he has already spent behind bars, he would be released within two months. Originally, Saltsman faced 11 charges but was tried for three counts of second-degree felonies and pleaded guilty for all.

Saltsman, the owner of the tech firm Saltmine and an admitted pedophile, was also given 48 months’ probation, $10,000 fine for each of the felonies, and a warning by the judge. Reportedly, Saltsman possessed over 13,000 very graphic images of rape, sexual abuse, and bestiality.

The culprit, who has a reputation of being a computer genius, showed remorse during the court proceedings, which were held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and admitted that he had a problem and was seeking help from a psychiatrist.

The Internet Crime Against Children (iCAC) task force raided his residence in Sandy on 7 May 2019 after an internet service provider tipped authorities that the accused shared child porn images via a peer-to-peer file-sharing program. The team seized many electronic devices from his home including an SD card, an SSD storage device, a laptop, and a black computer. 

According to KUTV, the evidence was submitted to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s law enforcement portal, and child victims from 279 of the submitted files were identified.

The first file was a video compilation of brutal rape of preteen girls and even toddlers. Videos depicting Saltsman having sexual intercourse with unconscious women were also part of the files.

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While searching his residence, Police discovered a sort of drug lab in a bedroom closet located downstairs. The Hazmat team and Sandy Fire Department were contacted to survey the site and rule out the possibility of the lab posing a public safety hazard.

The sentencing is deemed insufficient considering the nature and extent of the crimes Saltsman has committed, especially with regards to the involvement of infants and minors.

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