294 Indian Government Websites Hacked in January-October 2012

Indian government at the end of the year 2012 has break out a shocking news which says approximately 294 websites were hacked at the beginning of 2012. The sites belong to various level of ministries within the Indian  government setup. The news broke by a government official who belonged to communication department in these words:

 “A total number of 201, 303, 308 and 294 websites belonging to various ministries and departments in the government were hacked during the year 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 (till October), respectively,”

The TimesofIndia reports that the hackers didn’t stopped here, they launched another attack in June-July against a number of leading ministries sites, which belonged to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Indian government has seriously faced a lot during this current year from the hands of hackers, there has been number attacks launched on non-government and government sites by the hacker.

Though, Indian government launched a number of programs to combat these crimes which include National Watch and Warning system which is a profound program to combat cyber crimes. The program works like a judicial system for a basic crimes. What further work on systems the Indian government has done could be recognized by the following words of a person from communication department India:

Various proactive and reactive steps have been taken by government to minimize the damage caused by these cyber attacks. These steps include strengthening security of the network infrastructure in the government, immediate actions to recover from the damage caused due to cyber attacks, maintaining disaster recovery sites for continuing business operations etc,” he said.

Furthermore, government has set out a budget of 45.2 crores for fiscal year 2012-13. Which proves how threatening cyber crimes of the Indian government. On HackRead, we last recognized one of the system by Indian government to combat cyber crimes, so, it is quite clear now that government is taking cyber crimes really seriously.

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