3 personalized tech products that make for great gifts

Tech products aren’t often associated with the sentiment, so here is our attempt at reconciling the functional with the heartfelt.

Tech products aren’t often associated with the sentiment, so here is our attempt at reconciling the functional with the heartfelt. Personalization of tech products is a great step towards this, where we can benefit from a human touch on the otherwise robotic devices, giving them a bit more personal meaning – not to mention being a great gift idea!

A Photo cell phone wallet

A cell phone has lots of ways to be more personalized within the phone, but the casing is often overlooked. A photo cell phone wallet is a case that contains not just a slide pocket for bills and cards, but a photo of your choice printed on the back. This brings functionality along with the sentiment.

Using Personalization Mall Coupons, a person’s dog, partner, or favourite quote can be proudly plastered on the back of the recipient’s phone. The product is actually an adhesive strip, meaning that it isn’t a case for a specific phone and can instead be applied to any phone that’s larger than the dimensions of the product (2.25” W x 3.75” L).

Personalized LED Neon Gaming Night Light

As with many of these product names, they are a mouthful! This one, in particular, is because there’s a few things going on. So, we have an LED neon night light that is in the shape of a gaming controller. This stands by the bed, radiating different colours (a controller to select different LED colours is included).

But what makes this a step further is that a name is printed at the bottom of the controller, which also lights up in a hologram fashion. This personalization of having any name means that it’s a great gift for an already innovative product. Don’t forget that this isn’t just money spent on sentiment either, it’s genuinely useful as a nightlight lamp to light up a room in the evening and create an awesome atmosphere.

Spotify QR code

Another great gift idea is the Spotify QR code keyring. Again, let’s break this down: the QR code itself is a unique signature that when scanned, links the device to a specific URL destination. That destination is a Spotify song – any song you choose. This could perhaps be you and your partner’s favourite song that reminds you of a certain time, or perhaps one that reminds you of a loved one that has passed away.

This QR code is then elegantly printed onto a keyring or a necklace, which can be worn by the recipient. Not only does it look great and carries a sentiment, but it will really work when scanned by a smartphone.

These can come in a plethora of colours, and can even be printed as a poster and framed. The QR code idea can also be more than just a Spotify song, it can be a secret message, takes you to a specific picture, or even hosts your Bitcoin wallet. Just be careful of which QR code scanner app you download.

The personalization of tech products and gift ideas is an ever-expanding one. Spotify QR codes, for example, haven’t been around for very long. Not only is it exciting to see what’s around the corner, but browsing the latest ideas on personalized gift websites as well as craft marketplaces like Etsy can bring some interesting results up.

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