3180 Indian Websites Hacked By PCA-Master of Pakistan Cyber Army

Pakistan Cyber Army is back with its latest hack of 3180 Indian websites. PCA-Master from PCA hacked all the websites, leaving their deface page on all defaced websites.

Deface Message:

PCA-Master & HackingXP was here  Hacked By PCA-Master & HackingXP Fix your security.  It really sucks. Please learn how to secure websites.

You was owned ~~ you have been hacked ~~ fix your security

Greetz TO: Hackingxp – Khantastic Haxor – Shadow008 – Usama Capsoll – Dark Knight – $h3rrY $!D $(-)@(-)954 – Mr.Coder – w3b drill3r – Bomb Bhai – TC_Founder – Hatim No Fear
www.pakistancyberarmy.net ||| www.cyberhunterz.com ||| www.pakcyberarmy.pk

List of hacked websites: http://pastebin.com/mKD59xFR

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