Researchers used “3D Printing” in tests for finding Cure of Type-1 Diabetes

Apparently, scientists are a step closer to reducing the grave effects of Type-1 Diabetes after discovering a way to implant insulin-creating cells into the pancreas.

Previously this method was found to be unsuccessful but is working now as scientists can use a “3D-print” structure for cells protection, according to IOP Publishing.

The attempts to implant these cells, which are called islets of Langerhans, were previously unsuccessful because the immune system of human body attacked them as soon as these were injected.

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Image Source: Invisible Ties

However, now the team embedded the cells into a 3D structure created from a combination of Gelatin and Alginate.

Still, they faced the issue of development of scaffold that could simultaneously hold the islets in place and protect them as they let blood and insulin travel through the veins.

Currently, this project is in its initial phase at the University of Twente but if the researchers manage to refine the process then Type-1 Diabetics probably wont ever have to suffer from the aftereffects of an attack of Hypoglycemia.

Last month, doctors in China used 3D technology and successfully removed tumor without removing woman’s kidney. 

In an other remarkable event, Turkey’s medical 3D printing company provided an injured turtle with a prosthetic jaw using 3D printing technology.



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