4 Argentinian Universities Hacked, Login Credentials Leaked by @ThisIsGame0ver

The @ThisIsGame0ver hacker has hacked into four Argentinian universities and leaked their database online. 

The method which was used to access the database was simple SQL injection on all four websites. The hacker has posted the data online which is available on Pastebin.

The hack was accounted by the hacker on his official Twitter account, while on the Pastie, @ThisIsGame0ver mentioned that the reason for targeting universities site was to protest against the high fee. 


According to the message: 

Universities, Fuck your Fee’s, Knowledge and Information should be free.. Forever & Always – #GameOver

The leaked data contains usernames, staff ids, emails, staff or students plain text passwords, admin login & passwords and other database related info. 

You can access the data on Pastebin by clicking here

Vulnerable links of targeted websites are given below:




Just a while ago, @ThisIsGame0ver had breached the official website of media giant Fox, accessing the files and editing them with a new login and password.

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