4 Benefits of Cloud VPN to your Business

4 Benefits of Cloud VPN to your Business

Cloud computing is a well-known technology now, and some companies are already using more cloud-based services than hardware-based tools. As an average employee uses a variety of cloud apps to run daily operations, cloud-based network security becomes a vital issue for a company’s success. That’s why most enterprises use cloud VPN solutions, and here are four benefits of a cloud VPN to your business.

You should know about cloud VPN and its functionality before jumping into its benefits. Don’t worry, we got you and we’ll explain all about it. Let’s see what is a cloud VPN and how does it work.

Cloud VPN is an anonymity and cyber security solution that is fundamentally different from traditional hardware-based VPNs. First of all, traditional VPN solutions require an in-house IT security team and a selection of expensive hardware. Companies with significant budgets run their own VPN in their data centers to have a capable cyber security system.

The problem is, not every company can deploy hardware and maintain VPN solutions since they don’t have a dedicated IT team. Cloud VPN brings a different approach to cyber security by offering a cloud-based VPN that doesn’t depend on hardware or need an IT team for its maintenance. It is provided as a service, so the vendor deals with its deployment and operation.

The functionality, on the other hand, is similar and cloud VPN solutions provide the same level of security their hardware-based counterparts do. These services encrypt all the communication on your network by creating a private tunnel, they allow you to verify users on a corporate network and protect you from the outside threats of the internet.

There is one difference that gives cloud VPNs the upper hand; the ability to provide global, secure access. These solutions don’t rely on hardware, and they are equally accessible without geographical limitations. Cloud VPN is an easier and more affordable way to bring security to your network.

Four benefits of cloud VPN solutions

You might be wondering what will be the upsides if you buy enterprise cloud VPN for your company. We provided four benefits of cloud VPN solutions to let you know what will you get for your money.

1- Protecting corporate network from cyber attacks

Cloud VPN solutions create a private gateway from an endpoint to your corporate network. They also encrypt all shared information to ensure maximum data security. By using a cloud VPN solution, you can provide a secure tunnel for your employees to share files, communicate with each other, and send sensitive data securely.

Cloud VPN protects your company against any potential data breach. But even if a cybercriminal acquires a piece of data from your network, it will be completely encrypted. Thus, your corporate data will be nothing more than nonsense for hackers since they don’t have the encryption key. These solutions bring security to your company before and after a possible data breach.

2- Latest technology user verification system

Protecting corporate data from the outside threats of the internet can be done through encryption and a private gateway. However, if you can’t verify the users accessing your corporate network, the risk is always there.

Cloud VPN solutions offer you the latest technology user verification systems that are proven to be effective. Now, you can verify permitted users before granting access to the corporate network with methods such as 2FA, biometrics, or SSO.

3- Direct access to cloud applications

According to Statista’s report, organizations used from 16 to 177 different SaaS applications in 2020. Providing convenient yet secure access to these cloud applications is crucial for a company’s success.

Traditional hardware-based VPN solutions are not practical anymore since they route end-users to a data center before granting access to SaaS tools. Cloud VPN services ensure direct, fast, and secure access to these cloud-based applications. They’re more practical when it comes to cloud access.

4- Secure remote connection to the corporate network

The remote work model is preferred by many companies worldwide. If a company is able to run operations remotely, this model is equally productive and more affordable. This is of course if the company can provide secure remote access.

Well, unlike hardware VPNs, cloud VPN solutions don’t depend on on-prem networks and they are globally accessible. They can protect the corporate network from public Wi-Fi and from a thousand miles away. Even if you have a dispersed workforce, you can prevent data breaches with a simple cloud VPN service regardless of your team members’ geographical location.


You may not have the necessary budget to deploy a hardware-based VPN solution, and you’re not alone. That’s why cloud VPN is already favored by many organizations around the world. These great services offer scalable, affordable, and easy to deploy VPN solutions to make your corporate network as safe as any other.

Protecting the corporate network equals success, and you don’t need an overly complicated process to do so. We listed four great features you can also benefit from instantly by opting for a cloud VPN solution. Choose your vendor and give hackers no chance to get anything from your company.

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