43 Indian Websites Including Mizoram State Government site hacked by Dr@cul@

A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of Dr@cul@ along with his Bangladeshi companions have hacked 44 Indian websites, including the official website of India’s Mizoram State website.

The hacker who contacted me via email explained that he is a Pakistani who believes in unity among Muslims and that’s the reason he has been working for Bangladeshi hackers against the Indian cyber space.

All hacked sites were left with a deface page along with a deface message abusing India and Indian hackers, however, I as a writer doesn’t support abusing anyone so for readers I am only sharing half of the deface message.

HackeD By Dr@cul@

Islam Zindabad , Long Live Muslims , Pakistan Zindabad, We Are Born To Die For Our Country Feel The Power Of Pakistan…!!! Greetz : All Muslim Hackers & All Those Who Are Fighting For Future Freedom Love To: TiGER-M@TE | BD Xtor | Ablaze Ever |Faddy PCF Rockey|

Links of targeted websites along with their mirrors can be found here.

At the time of publishing this article, Mizoram State website was hacked by another hacker; while all other sites were restored and working online.

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