45 Israeli Websites hacked by Iran Hack Security Team

Its not just on ground when situation between Iran and Israel is warlike, infect a war is already in progress ”online” as 45 Israeli websites are hacked and successfully defaced by Iran Hack Security Team.

Iranian hackers left their deface page on the website alone with a simple message saying ”XpR Was Here”.

All of the 45 Israeli websites were hacked yesterday and today by the Iran Hack Security Team. The team has hacked over 1300 website in 2 years, making its presence clear to the world, specially to the website owners from Israel, as the hacked websites belong to small and big businesses from software houses to small industries and from medical instrument business to local auto mobile business.

Links and Mirrors of all the hacked Israeli websites can be found on following link:

Zone-H Stat screenshot of Iran Hack’s hacking:

Iran Hack Security Team said that it will continue attacking Israeli websites and will make online world ” a world of hell for Israel”


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