5 Best Application Performance Monitoring Platforms

There is a multitude of different application performance monitoring platforms that you can use easily and with confidence.

If you are a website owner or developer, it is crucial that you have an application performance monitoring program that can be used regularly. This type of program is specific to ensure that the application is running properly and that it isn’t experiencing downtime or other user problems. Without it, you will have to do all of the monitoring on your own manually, which can take away a lot of your time. There is a multitude of different application performance monitoring platforms that you can use easily and with confidence. Understanding what stands out for each specific choice can help you to make a decision according to your needs and your current budget.


SolarWinds AppOptics APM is one of the best choices for quality monitoring, since it gives an easy and in-depth view across multiple platforms. You will be alerted of performance issues immediately and can sign up for alerts so that you know what’s happening even while away from the office. The system allows you to pinpoint the exact problem that’s happening, which helps to streamline troubleshooting for you and your company. The platform can be customized as you see fit and is an affordable option for individuals on a budget.


With cloud complexity available, Dynatrace is easy to use and provides a clear view of application performance and problems. The system is entirely automated, so your job is to simply view what’s going on and troubleshoot as needed. You can automate all cloud enterprises to keep an eye on your web-based apps to improve customer experience. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial with Dynatrace if you’re interested in giving it a try before committing to a more long-term solution.

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is used by thousands of developers and companies worldwide and has been a trusted platform for individuals wanting an easier and quicker way to monitor their domains. Their software program is specific to machine data that provides customers with real-time information regarding performance. You can sign up for a free trial with Splunk Enterprise if you’d like to give the platform a try to see if it is right for your company.


Founded in 2008 and developed as an APM specialist, AppDynamics is continually growing to improve the lives of individuals who need end-user monitoring. This platform is going to respond regardless of how many items are stored in the cloud, so you can always feel confident that you are getting real-time monitoring for your company in a way that is both affordable and easy for individuals who have never used a program like this before.


Datadog is an essential service that provides users with quality monitoring across a number of different applications. You will be provided with high-end visibility of all infrastructures within your company whether or not they are based in the cloud. Datadog offers a free trial to individuals looking for help concerning monitoring and offers low-cost options after signing up for a pro account.

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