5 Best Log Management Services for Online Businesses

A log management service is essential for online-based businesses – Here are 5 best log management services.
5 Best Log Management Services for Online Businesses

Log management is an important part of taking care of your website and online business. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to know when important events were happening and how to take care of them before they got out of control.

While it is obvious to know why these services are so important, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which specific company is the right option for your needs. You want a service that is affordable, but one that is going to provide you with the essential information that you need to monitor for changes, problems and security threats related to the company you are currently operating.


Papertrail’s log management service is one of the best for online-based businesses. Their frustration-free platform is live in seconds, so you can begin monitoring for changes and problems without having to wait. They are completely cloud-based, so you can check on this data regardless of the type of device that you are using. You will be alerted of any and all unusual activity instantly in any way that you choose. You can search for hours’ worth of logs in just seconds and make informed decisions regarding user experience.


With both a free trial and a free version, Loggly makes it easier than ever before to browse through hundreds of logs without needing to do everything manually. You can gain real-time views of what’s happening across multiple applications and domains. Loggly provides 100 percent cloud-based aggregation and service options. No credit card is required to sign up, so there is nothing to commit to before you decide if the company is right for your needs.


With Fluentd, you get to build your own customized logging layer. This open-source data collector is ideal for online business owners of varying needs. There are over 500 available plug-ins that you can utilize to further improve monitoring across your sites and applications. Over 5,000 companies rely on the services provided by Fluentd each day, so they’re a trusted option for when you want a low-cost log monitoring and management provider.


With Logstash, you can effortlessly create a free account and begin monitoring logs from virtually anywhere you are located and with any type of device. You get both automatic and custom parsing and can view data within seconds when doing a search through the system itself. Setup is automatic and quick, so you can be processing data in no time after creating a personalized account through the platform on the actual website.


Humio is specifically designed for both large and small-scale visibility. With the real-time analysis of metrics, traces, and data, you’ll always be kept updated on what’s going on before making decisions. You can either use this service in the cloud or as a software program. You can get started for free before making any type of commitment. The company offers multiple packages and pricing options, allowing you to stay on budget while still getting the management and monitoring that you need.

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