5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs An Employee App

For starters, a powerful employee management app will have a robust communication tool. Let’s dig deeper into why such an app is now necessary.
5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs An Employee App

The digital era is in full swing now and businesses of all industries and sizes are throwing their pen and paper out of the window for digital employee management solutions. Small businesses can benefit greatly by streamlining their daily operations on a digital platform due to some of the challenges they face specifically.

It is a fact that managers have a hard time effectively communicating with all employees, hiring and training new employees, creating a job schedule that works for everyone, and tracking employees’ working hours. 

The list could go on, but the bottom line is that an employee management app/software is your small business’s solution! Here is a list of 5 reasons you should move to a digital employee app if you haven’t already.  

Simplify The Onboarding Process

Managers have a ton to do daily as it is, so hiring and onboarding new employees can slow down daily operations. By using an employee management app you can drastically simplify the onboarding process for new hires. For example, when it comes to employee productivity monitoring software, Workpuls offers powerful features.

All onboarding material can be stored in the app and accessed at any time or in any place. Training material can be customized using PDFs, YouTube videos, or Dropbox. You can even create fully customizable quizzes to make sure the new employee is retaining the information they’re going through. 

Track your new employees’ pace through the training material with push notifications in real-time to alert you when they’ve completed a chapter or section of the training. With actionable insights, you can review real-time data on employees’ progress through training.

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Lastly, once onboarding is complete, create a knowledge center for employees to access important company information with a touch of a button. For example, store the employee handbook or company policies in the knowledge center so employees can refer to it anytime and anywhere. 

Create Clear, Open Lines Of Communication

A powerful employee management app will have a robust communication tool. Some employee management apps let you send one-on-one messages or even create group chats so that employees don’t have to be bombarded with information that is not relevant to them. Send GIFS, photos, videos, and all sorts of other types of content and media to make your internal communication efficient, fun, and engaging. 

Some apps also have a social feed where employees can comment on announcements, updates, or newsletters. By using an employee management app, you open clear lines of communication between employees and upper management, which has a direct impact on employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Some of the best employee management apps provide features like live polls, suggestions boxes, and digital surveys to gain valuable feedback from their employees. If you’re not regularly receiving feedback from your employees then you are putting your company at risk for workplace negativity.

Employees are more motivated and engaged with their roles when they feel that their voices are heard and that their opinion has an impact on the company. By getting feedback from your employees you can make changes that will directly affect their job satisfaction. 

Gain Valuable Actionable Data

A robust employee management app will have cloud-based storage that saves all information and documentation so that data can be easily accessed. This gives upper management the ability to make more informed, data-driven decisions. 

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With live polls and surveys, you can view data collected from all user submissions and make decisions based on data results. Create fully customizable quizzes and after employees complete them, you can make more informed decisions on what your employees need more training or practice on. 

Digitize Daily Operations

Managers already have a lot to deal with daily. Whether it’s scheduling employees, delegating tasks and workflows, or basic employee communication; an employee management app can streamline and digitize nearly every aspect of your daily operations. There’s no reason to be manually recording or saving information or documents anymore.

Pen and paper are archaic, now small businesses must move to a digital employee management platform to be able to stay ahead of the curve and maintain success!

In Summary…

To succeed in this day and age, with the huge technology boom we are feeling in 2021, small businesses must take advantage of an employee app.

With a powerful, yet intuitive employee app, management can easily onboard and train new employees, create an open line of communication, increase employee satisfaction, gain valuable actionable data and digitize their daily operations. Put down that pen and paper and streamline all your small business needs with an employee app. 

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