50 Israeli Websites Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

50 Israeli Websites Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

Israeli cyber space is always under attack by hackers from all aver the world, one of those hackers is known as World known as CapoO_TunisiAnoO from Tunisian; who is back with another hack against Israel, this time by hacking and defacing 50 Israeli websites.

CapoO_TunisiAnoO left different deface pages along with a messages on all hacked websites, some against Israel and in favor of Palestine.

  • SingLe Attacker By CapoO_TunisiAnoO, Don’t panic, your file & database is safe. W00t! you g0t pwned! CapoO_TunisiAnoO  Falagua Team – GAza_Hacker – CIH .

The hacked sites belong to private businesses such as computer business, web development solutions, real estate, movie studio, fashion designing boutique, dating sites and food chains.

Links of targeted websites along with the mirrors can be found on Zone-h.

CapoO_TunisiAnoO has hacked and defaced more then 7000 Israeli websites since he begin to start Israeli cyber space back in 2012.

At the time of publishing this article, all websites were restored and working online.


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