516 Websites Defaced by Anonymous #PV~E.rr0r

A hacker who goes by the handle of #PV~E.rr0r, claims to be a supporter of Anonymous hacker has hacked and defaced 516 websites.

The hacked websites are from different countries around the world, including China, Israel, Taiwan, Egypt, Italy, Syria, Burma, Korea, Thailand and Pakistan etc.   

The hacker left a deface page and a message on all the hacked websites, according to the message: 

We unite as one but no one can divide us. Expect us! Greets to: Pinoy Vendetta Members, Off Limits, Anonymous Philippines, Ang3ls0n, Sec.Anonops, Shakz, #D34DZ, Nefarious, Busabos, Siliron Hades, Affliction X, Ph.AnonPyro, Pack3tst0rm, 4nti, xLegi0n Hackers, Symbianize Hackers, PnqPride, xPr0.

Hello Admin, I am here to warn you about your security, it kinda sucks 70% Security 30% Dumb ass  We hacked this site to put a warning before the black hat hackers come. please Cooperate! We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, United as one, Divided by zero, expect us. Knowledge is power. Don’t learn to hack, hack to learn.

The complete list of hacked websites is available on PasteBin and can be found here.

At the time of writing this article, all the websites were displaying deface page left by the hacker. 

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