6 Official Domains of Ubuntu One Hacked and Defaced by Indonesian Gantengers Crew

A famous Indonesian hacker going with the handle of SultanHaikal from Gantengers Crew has hacked and defaced total 6 official domains of Ubuntu One. The targeted domains redirect users to one.ubuntu.com.

Ubuntu One which is a cloud service and OpenID-based single sign on service operated by Canonical Ltd, had 6 of its domains defaced few hours ago. SultanHaikal from Gantengers Crew contacted us and explained that reason for hacking Ubuntu One domains was to show the people that nothing is fully secured.

Sultan Haikal has left a deface page along with a message on all 6 hacked domains, according to which:

  • Special Message: You say that you are a hacker, Defacer, but you are proud? it turns out that you are proud, you are a newbie WE ARE GANTENGERS CREW SultanHaikal – d3b~X – Brian Kamikaze – Coupdegrace – Mdn_newbie – Index Php.

Links of all hacked domains can be found here.

This is not the first time when Ubuntu was hacked. Last year database of Ubuntu forum was hacked in which hackers had got access to usernames, passwords and email addresses of every registered user. 

We have contacted Ubuntu PR desk in order to have an update from their side and article will be updated as soon as we get a reply back.

At the time of publishing this article, all 6 Ubuntu One domains were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hackers.

UPDATE 1: Ubuntu has replied to us, according to which:

  • We’re currently investigating. In the meantime, on initial investigation, looks as though these people have simply uploaded a ‘defacement’ HTML file to the Ubuntu One file-sharing service. This would not be considered a ‘hack’, and is part of the normal operation of Ubuntu One. A file uploaded in this way does not pose a risk to Ubuntu One or its users.

The representative at Ubuntu will contact back once the investigation is completed.

UPDATE 2: After investigating, Ubuntu has confirmed that its Ubuntu One domains were not hacked. The hackers simply uploaded an image file which looked like a deface page.

The image file uploaded by the hackers has been removed from all 6 domains and it seems that hacking was not involved in this incident.

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