651 Database Breaches Took Place In 2012: Report Says

database-breaches-data-breachBe careful while providing any information regarding you, your bank or credit cards online because online systems has become more of open books like a site where you there is open information for everyone. You might be thinking what is all stuff about? Well, there are some dreadful stats we have come to know at the end of this current year 2012. One of them is our today’s topic that is database breaches in 2012 about 651 breaches took place this year which on averages 2 days a year.

The entire leading brand’s systems are up on the list of breaches. Some of the brands include: Visa, Adobe and many leading online stores. You might get shock to hear this fact that the most breached systems are the ones where most of the people from around the world provide their secret information. So, you might have understood the word open book for databases. Still, 651 is just a registered or approximated figures there might more which didn’t ever register. One clear fact looms from all this is that online systems have less then trustworthy these days.

Let’s now look at 4 alarming facts regarding online databases:

  • An unauthorized party accessed WTH’s booking system by misusing the log-in credentials of an authorized user. Encrypted credit card numbers and expiration dates were stored there and could be decrypted in the system were exposed.”
  • Names and Social Security numbers were discovered on the website of the Department of Health Care Services.”
  • A dishonest employee working in the billing department used her position to access account information. She scanned checks and identification information from…”
  • A dishonest volunteer was caught passing patient information to people who used it to file fraudulent tax returns. The volunteer used his smart phone to capture patient records while working in an emergency room.”

You must now have recognized how badly your secret information is decrypted online. Not only it is exposed to the hackers but the employees of the business online. Online data breaches could be done in two ways: through SQL injections or sending malicious malwares into the system through finding vulnerability into the system.

But, one thing which you would also be thinking about is that when online businesses can invest handsome amounts in order to promote their businesses why they don’t invest a little bit in securing their systems? Well, all it tell us is that businesses online don’t care whatever happens to all our private information which is a really sad fact.

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