7 Essential Hosting Features You Can’t Compromise With

Hosting your website on the right platform is very crucial for your business. Here are some hosting features that are necessary for a website.
7 Essential Hosting Features You Can’t Compromise With

Hosting your website on the right platform is very crucial for your business. As a website owner, you want your website to run fast, be secure, and be very easy for users to browse. This cannot be possible unless you have extreme support from your website’s hosting provider.

As a website owner, you must select a hosting service that helps you with all of that and more. It not only creates for you a secure space for loading all your website files but also helps with its loading speed and more.

So, what are the essential features that you must look for in your website host? When you are on the lookout for the best host for your website, you find yourself in a bunch of options. This article is meant to help you with choosing your host provider as it highlights the essential features that you must have in your hosting provider.

Flexible costing

Making websites can cost you a lot of money. At this point, it is absolutely fine to try to cut down the cost if you can on your hosting needs. This will not affect the benefits you will get from the hosting provider when you find the right ways of saving.

You can look for discounts. You will get a lot of exciting hosting deals on coupon websites. For example, using a 50% off coupon on Hostgator can help you save half price on different kinds of hosting including Shared, WordPress, Reseller, Cloud, and VPS.

Coupons can also get you additional benefits like extra storage space at the same rate, or a complimentary domain name. Other exciting benefits will get you the value of the service at a lesser price.

So, you must always try to cut down this price wherever you can as the hosting cost recurs on an annual basis. So you don’t want to feel burdened with this cost. Get the most value for what you are pay.

Firewall protection

Keeping your website safe from malware attacks can be done with a firewall protection tool. Usually, unidentified wifi hotspots and other networks that your computer accesses from untrusted sources can be harmful to your computer. Firewall protection blocks such signals and warns you about the same. This also lets unwanted popups not happen on your site so your site remains safe from viruses injected by third-party websites.

Firewall protection is great to save your website especially when it can be accessed from environments you cannot monitor. It is simply like the main gate which opens only for those whom you want to meet.

Backup protection

Your site’s information is important and losing that could mean huge harm to your business. Backing up all the information can ensure the safety of the files so even if you lose your site for any reason, you still have a very effective way to regain the data from the cloud backup.

Cloud hosting

Many times websites are hosted on a single server. This server can be shared among multiple websites. However, what if a website is hosted on multiple servers. That is exactly what you get with cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting hosts your website on different networks so even if one network is down, the site is automatically shifted to another network This minimizes your website downtime, rather makes sure that it hardly happens. Having a consistently running website is a grave step in ensuring that your business has no hiccups. It also means that you get the most of your online presence rather it being hampered by downtimes.

This will also speed up the website by scaling the resources.

Business management

Website support is an important feature that your website host must provide. A business/ service management team will solve your queries before you raise them. Or even if you do, the team will always be on board with solutions. WordPress hosting has a great business management plugin so your website never goes out of function.

It eradicates the need for maintaining an external team or an inhouse team for your website, It will also save you extra money.

Malware scanning

Anti-virus software the entire website periodically and warns you of its presence. Many times it can also fix the issues then and there. These software can protect your website from viruses that get unnoticed but can harm the entire website. Constantly monitoring the same will help you a lot with keeping your website safe.

If you can initiate a scan from your end, it will make sure that viruses are at bay. Running weekly scans or even more, often means that you can ensure the safety of your website when things start to look hazy. 

Manual reboot

You must have the luxury to even reboot your website manually. A manual reboot fixes unknown errors and refreshes the entire website. Manual reboots are often applicable to VPS hosting.

Although the security protocol and other measures that your hosting provider takes will ensure up to a huge extent for the website to run smoothly, having a manual reboot option will be helpful. It’s always advisable to have a force reboot option so you still can use it if things fail.

Web hosting isn’t just about finding a company that does the job. If you’re serious about your website, you will need a hosting provider that not only looks after you but offers decent speed and performance, such as these UK web hosts. You can see a full comparison and research showing the speed test that they have conducted. 

Final Thought

So, these were the top features that you cannot compromise with while selecting a website host. Make sure that you check with your web host provider for them. A safe and sound web host is one that will let you have optimum control of your own website and helps you with all the needed assistance. Especially check with the security needs. In the case of hosting reselling, you would get an exclusive specification sheet from the reseller which you can then discuss on.

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