720 websites hacked and defaced by AnonSec hackers

A group of hackers going with the handle of AnonSec has hacked and defaced 720 random websites from all over the world.

Group has left a deface page along with a message on all hacked websites, bashing admins for poor site security. However, any specific reason for targeting these sites was not mentioned anywhere. The deface message was expressed in following words:

  • Hacked by AnonSec Hackers! Enjoy being down! Don’t worry we only uploaded our deface page. Secure your shit! No matter how mafia you are, mess with the best, die like the rest!

All targeted sites are privately owned, none of them belongs to any government institution. Click here to view list of all hacked websites.

At the time of publishing this article, all 740 websites were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hackers.

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