8 Indian Government Websites Hacked by Pakistani and Indonesian Hacker

In 3 separate cyber-attacks by hackers from Pakistan and Indonesia, eight Indian government websites were hacked and defaced.

Earlier today, the official website of Tamil NaduVazhndhu Kaathuvom Project was hacked by an Indonesian who goes by the handle of Hmei7.

Indian government is under strong cyber-attack these days, as an Indian online hacktavist group ‘Anon.India’ hacked and defaced the website of Bihar State Development Corporation (www.bstdc.gov.in) to protest against the blocking of  websites by the Bihar government.

The hacker did not left any message or explanation for hacking the websites, which kept the motive of hacking unknown. The only thing that was displaying on the hacked Indian website was ” Indonesian Hacker Hmei7”.

Link of hacked website: http://www.tnvkpmis.gov.in/

Mirror of hacked website: http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/18418349

However, in another hacking incident, a Pakistani hacker who goes by the handle of “h4xOr HuSsY” from VOBHH hacked more then 7 top Indian government websites and left abusive message on the deface page.

According to the hacker:

o.O U Indian (Abusive words) Abusing Pak?? O.o StaY in Ur LimiTS B****, I asked u If Want more Gov.in?? Keep Barking den :D…And U KepT Barking! So Take this GifT to ur ass Bi*** We r d Voice Of black Hat Hackers |VOBHH|…Pakistan Zindabad …A Patriotic Paki n00b was here!!./Logging OuT

Greetz : Shadow008 . 1337 . h4x0rl1f3 . KhantastiC . Hitcher . SOG . XisUnknown (BGHH) . T4p10N . D4rk-Lif3 . Tha Rude . Maher Bro & All Pakistani Hackers

 Links of mirrors and website hacked by h4xOr HuSsY:

The hacked websites included that of  land records, the Directorate of Medical Education, biotech commission, the state land board, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, stores purchase department,  Department of Environment & Climate change and State Rural Roads Development Corporation.

At the time of writing this article, some websites were restored and working normally, while some of them were still hacked and displaying the deface left by the hackers.


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