Man To Serve 8 Years in Prison For Planning to Kill Muslims With X-ray Gun

A 57-year-old man (Eric Feight) from New York has been sentenced for eight years on the charges of helping terrorists to build mobile X-Ray device for killing Muslims.

Feight was arrested with the 51-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford back in 2013 for conspiring with weapons for mass destruction and other charges. Feight pleaded guilty in 2014 and was sentenced on Wednesday this week while Crawford is waiting for trial, according to CBS.

According to the sources, Investigators began to follow Crawford back in 2012 when he approached two Jewish groups in Albany area. But, they really got hold of him when he asked for help from a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) grand wizard who in reality was an FBI informant.

Crawford hated Muslims and wanted to destroy them, according to an Assistant U.S attorney journal (Richard Belliss): Mr. Crawford hated Muslims and other politically liberal people,” “I think Islam is an opportunist infection of DNA” and “Radiation poisoning is a beautiful thing.” Excerpt from a taped conversation between Crawford and an FBI informant.

Furthermore, according to the prosecutor, Crawford tried to drag the investigation for as long as possible. But, he was not “cartoonish” or “a goofy simpleton,” but, “cold, calculated” and “committed” defense lawyer told the prosecutor.


In another tape CrawFord when asked about the targets he was aiming for he said storefront mosque and the New York governor’s mansion.

According to Luibrand, the federal agents remained in contact with Crawford for over 13 months until they got hold of the X-ray device that never worked in reality.

“A government agent got the radiological device,” Luibrand said. “The government produced it, ordered it, paid for it.

CBS Wikia
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