9,000 Chinese Cyber Criminals arrested

Chinese law enforcement agencies have started a crack down on cyber crime gangs by storming over 700 cyber criminal bases and arresting nearly 9,000 alleged cyber criminals.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security announced in a statement that the police have cracked over 4400 criminal cases, arrested over 8900 suspected cyber thugs for illegal activities on the internet. The operation against the criminals was long time coming so that the internet can become a clean place, free from illegal and harmful activities for the 188 million people of China. The computers and networks used by the criminals were also destroyed by the authorities.

The arrested suspects were allegedly running online porn websites, involved in hacking, online scamming, internet fraud and selling of illegal arms online.

The statement also states that, police not only have destroyed the limited infrastructure of criminals but also shutdown over 3,500 sites, 1.88 million “violent and dangerous” messages were also deleted from the internet.

Complete statement from The Chinese Ministry of Public Security: (The statement is the closest translation of text released in Chinese language by The Chinese Ministry of Public Security).

The criminal against regulation network special action since deepen public security organs across the country since August this year, the Ministry of Public Security to carry out, the public security organs across concentrate, strike out, and the detection of a series of closely related to the interests of the masses criminal cases related to network and achieved significant results . Far, has cracked 4400 criminal cases, criminal suspects arrested 8900 people, destroyed more than 700 criminal gangs, organizing and guiding Internet services unit to clean up the illegal and harmful information online 188 million, concentration and control of illegal and harmful information frequent more than 3500 high incidence website. 

Special action has been carried out, the public security organs to “earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of the people, to purify the Internet environment” as the theme for crimes related to network cross-regional, cross-cutting characteristics, pay close attention to regional collaboration and cooperation in various police, national linkage cracked a large number of online Fanqiang, Internet fraud, Internet theft, hacker attacks, illegal public relations, online trafficking in counterfeit products and other serious crimes related to network affect the people’s production and life, effectively purify the network environment. 

Jiangxi Pingxiang cracked “9.27” the King network Fanqiang case, destroyed a set of manufacturing, transport, storage, mail, network sales and illegal possession of one of the King the network Fanqiang organization. Fuzhou, Fujian cracked hacker Alliance network fraud, and arrested a number of major sites such as Sina, Sohu, Tianya, Tencent Forum released information to access and betray the privacy of individual citizens under the guise of hacking, followed by the implementation of fraud suspect people. Jiangsu Xuzhou cracked “3.23” clouds Trojan series online banking theft destroyed online banking theft ring involving 32 cities in 14 provinces, involving more than 1,000 yuan. Beijing cracked the country’s first case of illegal network of public relations, the destruction of one as a means to provide paid delete posts illegal profits, and malicious speculation the target enterprise negative information, corporate extortion gangs, the gang accumulated profit of more than 1,000 yuan.   

September 5, 8 categories of 23 from the trans-regional committing the crime, the bad influence masses strong material related to network criminal cases, the Ministry of Public Security launched a special action, the first centralized and unified crackdown, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, dispatched elite police force, Anhui, Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong public security organs established Gongzuozhuanban removed the multi Province arrest forensics, criminal suspects were arrested more than 2,700 people so far, a total of 860 people under criminal detention order punishment more than 740 people; destroyed warehouse dens 28 seized imitation guns and other types of firearms, more than 5800 accessories 360,000 410,000 rounds of lead bullets, the collection of more than 30,000 pieces of counterfeit goods and accessories, and destroyed more than 3,000 PW website online advertising platform 10000 I; involving a total amount of more than 340 million yuan.  

According to public security organs, from the view of the detection of a series of cases, in addition to the criminal networks theft, hacker attacks, network pornographic directly online, all kinds of traditional criminal suspects are also increasingly using Internet, network Fanqiang, phishing, online trafficking in fake drugs and other crimes after another, illegal public relations, online trafficking citizen personal information and other new types of crime have become increasingly prominent. In this regard, the public security organs in the same time fight one hand remediation clean, self-regulation by Internet service units of the organization and guidance self-examination, only since the special action to clean up 188 million online illegal harmful information, in accordance with the law remediation of a large number of illegal and harmful information sent online community and forums. But the public security organs in the investigation of criminal cases process, also found that the management of the Internet in China there are still the relevant legislation imperfect, network service providers, express delivery companies responsibility not to implement a series of deep-seated problems.   

Ministry of Public Security, the official said, is a long and arduous task to combat cyber crimes, the public security organs will further intensify the crackdown, concentrated force, centralized resources, centralized, unified crackdown to continue to organize, focus on investigation of a number of material related to network criminal cases, listed on the regulation of the number of illegal prominent site and network service providers, for the people to create a safe, civilized and healthy network environment.

Cyber crimes have become a huge problem for China, even the US has been blaming China for online scams and cyber attacks on its government servers.

The operation against the cyber criminals is indeed a good step taken by the Chinese government, as the international community is also affected by the attacks carried out and planned from china.



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