Stop Spying on People says Syrian Electronic Army after hacking Skype’s Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Pro Bashar Ul Assad hackers from Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) had hacked the official blog, Facebook and Twitter account of instant messaging client Skype yesterday. After hacking the Twitter account, SEA started tweeting against Micosoft’s Skype, asking them to stop spying on people. One of the tweet from hacked Twitter of skype said that:  While on the hacked blog, the hackers posted their own article with a heading ‘Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.. Stop Spying!!’Don’t […]

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Microsoft allowed NSA to Spy on Skype and Outlook

Microsoft has collaborated extensively with the intelligence services of the United States to allow users’ communications details. The company even helped the NSA (National Security Agency) to break their own encryption system, according to documents cited Wednesday in the British newspaper “Guardian”. Data leaked by Edward Snowden illustrate the scale of cooperation between companies in Silicon Valley and U.S. intelligence in the last three years. SKYPE VULNERABLE Bought by Microsoft in 2011, […]

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Israeli Skype,Microsoft, MSN, Live, Amazon Hacked & Defaced by Pakistani leets


The hackers from Pakistan have carried out a massive deface for #OpIsrael, H4x0rL1f3 & ZombiE_KsA have hacked and defaced Israeli servers of Skype, Microsoft, MSN, Live, Amazon and MasterCard.  The hackers left their deface page along with a deface message showing their anger against Israel and its air strikes on the people of Palestine. According to the message left by hackers: The Notorious Hackers are Back You Must have Heard about me on news, headlines, […]

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Skype 4.0 for Linux now available for download


Skype has finally announced its latest Skype 4.0 for Linux operating systems and it is now available for download.   It took a lot of hard work and time to develop amazing new skype features for Linux , Skype 4.0 is now available for download and a detailed note on new Skype 4.0 features are given below. Features of Skype 4.0: · A brand new Call View · Better call quality; · Improved video call […]

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Leave Facebook If You Don’t Want To Be Spied On By Security Agencies: EU


It seems that the EU citizens might have to give up their Facebook accounts if they want to protect their online privacy. The European Commission recently told that there were serious privacy issues concerning users’ data of EU citizens on Facebook. The Safe Harbour legislation does not provide for the protection of the data from the U.S security services including the NSA. “You might consider closing your Facebook account, if you have […]

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After Banning VPN, UAE Blocks Free WhatsApp Voice Call Feature


It seems banning the usage of VPN (Virtual Private Network) wasn’t enough as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has now blocked new free voice call feature from popular instant messaging app WhatsApp.  According to TRA’s website, the free call service was blocked because VoIP services can only be offered in the UAE by licensed providers, in effect Etisalat and du. In a press statement TRA made it clear that only licensed telecom […]

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Father witnesses Son’s birth from Thousands of Miles away Via Samsung’s GearVR


Samsung has done it yet again.. It has managed to do something entirely unique and introduce a new concept to the techno world. This time it has filmed the birth of a child for the first time in virtual reality through the amazing Gear VR. The event of birth was live-streamed to Australia, where the baby’s father was present. Through virtual reality, a father was able to witness his son’s birth from […]

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Pro-Assad Hackers Used Female Avatars To Steal Data From Syrian Opposition


It has been found by researchers that a hacking operation has been conducted targeting military intelligence so as to collect it for Pro-Assad parties in the Syrian conflict. FireEye, a security firm, released on Monday a report (PDF) telling in detail about the threat group which finally stole a cache of sensitive data which contained documents and more than 31,000 logged Skype chat sessions in which some revealed tactical battle plans against […]

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