Activists Fly Drone Over NSA complex in Germany, Dropping Pamphlets Against Spying

Former NSA spy Edward Snowden may have exposed the government’s surveillance program around the world, but it didn’t change the way security agencies spy on its citizens.

A group of activists from Intelexit decided to protest against the National Security Agency office at the Dagger Complex (a U.S. military installation) in the south of Frankfurt, Germany by sending a drone and dropping a bunch of pamphlets, urging NSA workers to leave their jobs and support the activists against the mass surveillance.

The complex is home to XKeyStorea tool used by NSA which can track and store everything a user does through the Internet. The tool is known as a backbone of the NSA in collecting major communication-related information in Europe.

Intelexit made the news last week when it placed billboards outside the Dagger Complex. The billboards had anti-surveillance messages such as, 

“Listen to your heart Not to private phone calls.”

The group indents to help NSA and GCHQ workers quit their jobs and stop spying on people.

Here are some billboards placed by the group throughout the country:

Image Credit: Intelexit
Plakat INTELEXIT in der Nähe des "Dagger-Komplex" bei Darmstadt. Im Hintergrund ist eine Antennenanlage der US-Einrichtung zu sehen.
Image Credit: Intelexit
Plakat INTELEXIT in der Nähe des "Dagger-Komplex" bei Darmstadt.
Image Credit: Intelexit

Intelexit vows to help people leave the secret service and build a new life, a life free from surveillance. Watch the video below to understand more on how the Intelexit works:

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