AI.Type Keyboard Bug on iOS Opens All Premium Features For FREE

Exclusive: An Apple fan has found a bug in AI.Type Keyboard on iOS allowing anyone to open All Premium Features For FREE

Apple’s App Store is full of handy and innovative apps that make the phone using experience much better for the everyday user. They make the simplest things look so attractive that the entire experience of using the phone, doing the simplest of tasks, becomes quite an exciting and attractive experience. From trendy photo editors to other similar apps, the App Store is indeed a place where gifted developers showcase their innovative ideas by implementing them with their coding skills. One of those apps is Ai.Type keyboard.

Ai.Type keyboard is a unique and one of the most attractive keyboards for iOS users. It comes loaded with a host of features like changing the keyboard themes, typing in different multiple languages, changing the height and width of the keyboard, etc. Its next word prediction, word completion, and correction, spelling check, are all one of their kinds.

Users can customize and personalize their keyboards any which way they like using Ai.Type. This app can be downloaded for free on the App Store. The free version comes with many of the features of the app locked, with all the languages available for download only after making a payment. However, a researcher has identified a backdoor to get all the premium features of the app for free.

The researcher has divulged a simple trick to unlocking all the features of Ai.Type keyboard for iOS. The process is simple enough. First you need to open the app. This is the settings app and not the keyboard app that has to be opened. After doing so, the user has to click on the Look & Feel button, which is the red rectangle right on the main screen. Upon clicking on that button, the settings tab will open automatically, showing the many features in the free version as still locked.

Upon clicking on them, you can see that they can only be unlocked by making a payment. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do that. After clicking on the Look & Feel button, you then have to click on the link that is right on top and reads ‘Restore Previous Purchases’. Now comes the most important part.  A dialogue box will appear to ask you if you want to restore all the previous purchases. You neither have to click on Yes nor on No. When this prompt appears, you have to close the app. Closing the app does not mean you have to press the home button once.

Press it twice to open the multi-window option and then close the app there itself. After doing so, open the app again, just like the first time. Once again click on the Look & Feel button, the same red rectangle. You can see now that all the features that were previously locked have now become unlocked.

All the languages that were earlier available for downloading for a price are now available to download for free! You now have access to all the features of the Ai.Type keyboard app for free. The best third party keyboard app for iOS just becomes completely free using this trick, and the downloads in the app do not even require an Apple ID once you do this.

When we asked Boris how did he find the bug his reply was pretty simple:

”I’m just a fan of ai.type Keyboard, and discovered it by accident – switched to a new phone and then tried to restore previous purchases reproduce the bug.”😇

Demo video

Editor’s note:

The bug hasn’t been fixed yet however we have contacted the developers to get rid of this bug.

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