All About Ring’s New Virtual Security Guard

Ring’s Virtual Security Guard is a live, customizable motion event monitoring service by Rapid Response that works with the external Ring cameras at home or business.
All About Ring's New Virtual Security Guard

Curious about Ring Security’s newest innovation in home security? Here is the rundown on Ring’s new Virtual Security Guard, a home security alarm with real people behind the screens monitoring your safety. This comes as an advancement with great precision and efficiency for your home protection needs. After reading this, you’ll be rushing to join the waitlist for this incredible system.

What is it?

Ring’s Virtual Security Guard is a live, customizable motion event monitoring service by Rapid Response that works with the external Ring cameras at your home or business.

How does it work?

Virtual Security Guard works in several ways. First, real-life agents will monitor events of motion-detection on your property, but only when you want them to (for example, at a specific time when you aren’t there, or when a sensor is tripped).

You have full control over these settings in your Ring Control Center. Agents engage through two-way talking and sirens to deter unwanted behavior near your home or business. Your Virtual Security Guard can also call emergency services as needed, and have them dispatched to your property. 

What is Rapid Response? 

Rapid Response is the trusted monitoring partner of Ring, and they have over thirty years of experience in the home security business. By keeping up to date on new technologies in the security industry and utilizing them as part of their services, Rapid Response has the capability to keep your home and business safe.

The agents at Rapid Response undergo extensive training so that they are ready to make the best choices possible to protect you, your family, and your property. 

Upgrades You Will Need

Your Ring security system will require a few upgrades before integrating the Virtual Security Guard into your security repertoire. You will need Ring security cameras, the Ring Protect Pro Plan, the Ring Alarm with Professional Monitoring, and a Virtual Security Guard Subscription. 

Ring Security Cameras: Rapid Response’s trained agents can only monitor your property through eligible outdoor cameras, which are listed on the Ring website. 

Ring Protect Pro Plan: This plan must have an active subscription at the location you desire the service to apply to. 

Ring Alarm with Professional Monitoring: You must own the Ring alarm home security system and be enrolled in professional monitoring through your Ring Protect subscription

Virtual Security Guard Subscription: You must have an active subscription with this service at the specific location where you desire monitoring.

Service Availability

Virtual Security Guard at Ring has not yet been launched, but you are able to join the waiting list for this service by checking out their website. By entering your email, you are entered into a pool through which some people will be able to try the service for free before it’s main launch.

How Much Will It Cost?

Pricing for Ring’s Virtual Security Guard will start at $99 per month. More advanced plan prices and features will be available after the service launches. Keep your eyes on the Ring website for updates, including additional services. 

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