Hackers take free rides after hacking American, United airlines accounts

Countless American and United airlines’ User Accounts Stolen by Hackers – Dozens of free trips booked as hackers retrieve user ids and passwords via third party source.

How would you feel if someone hacks into your personal user account and books a ticket using your money or steals your earned mileage? Of course you would sue the airline or would want your money back. That’s exactly what American and United Airlines will be doing this fall that is, paying back to its customers whose accounts got hacked.

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Though the source of the leak is yet to be investigated but the news has been confirmed by authorities that hackers managed to log into thousands of accounts by stealing usernames and passwords through a third party source. Next thing they did was to book dozens of tickets.

This hack attack occurred in December last year and the news got published on Monday after the above mentioned airlines began to send emails to notify those customers the accounts of whom got compromised.

While talking to the Associated Press, a spokesperson from United Airlines revealed that hackers used more than three dozen accounts to make mileage transactions and booking trips. However, the actual account holders will get their miles restored soon.

According to the official spokesperson of American Airlines, around 10,000 accounts have been hacked and at least two attempts of booking a free trip or making an upgrade have been made by the hackers. Various accounts have been frozen by the airlines as it is setting up new ones. Initially, customers who had around 100,000 miles will be provided with fresh accounts. American Airlines will offer 1-year credit-watch service to payback its customers.

According to the representatives of both airlines, the entire system was not hacked but instead just the usernames and passwords were stolen by hackers via a third party. They managed to log into the accounts but account details and credit card information was not stolen.

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