Most Americans Want Apple to Cooperate with the FBI- Claims Pew Survey

The survey shows Americans are actually supporting FBI on the iPhone encryption issue.

We all know about the heated debate going on between Apple and the FBI regarding weakening of security measures on the iPhone of alleged terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attack so that the agency could access data. We also know that Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has sided with Apple in this battle of the titans. However, when the general public was asked to give their opinion in this matter, the situation is completely the opposite.

It did come as a surprise to many that Apple doesn’t have the support of public in this legal battle with the FBI. This was revealed by Pew researchers in their latest Pew survey. Around 1,000 respondents were contacted via phone over the weekend and their opinions were analyzed. The researchers identified that 51% of the respondents wanted Apple to comply with the FBI demands. Whereas just 38% believed that Apple was on the right track.


When Pew’s team contacted smartphone users, the results changed to 50-41 % split, the major share still went in favor of the FBI. When iPhone users were contacted, the results became even closer with 47-43 % split. Still, FBI was leading.


Last year, a survey conducted by Vormetric revealed that 91% Americans have no problem with having a backdoor in their devices.

We cannot ignore the fact that public perspectives are extremely important in this debate. Apple hasn’t yet submitted its official, the legal response in the court, so, we are waiting to know about the company’s next move after issuance of two separate statements for customers and employees. However, such surveys do not represent the whole United State of America.


This survey has been conducted by a third-party, it does not represent HackRead’s view on privacy and encryption issue whatsoever.

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