New Android App Lets You Unlock Your Phone with Your Voice

The new “Trusted Voice” Android app allows you to unlock your smartphone with your own voice — No pin, no password, just your voice.

Trusted Face app, which detects your authenticity through facial recognition or a Trusted Device connection, already has helped you skip the conventional lock screen. And now, Google has added another smart lock called Trusted Voice, which obviously uses voice recognition feature to verify your identity.

Only a few Android users (Android 5.0 Lollipop) are able to use Trusted Voice as of now and it starts when you use the voice command “OK Google.” This way, a lock screen will never block your voice commands. Google is trying to embed voice commands into the Android system more extensively such as the Nexus6 by default will have voice recognition on.


It is though unclear how effective Trusted Voice is security wise since a researcher was able to surpass the facial recognition security of this feature. In the same manner, Trusted Voice displays a popup as soon as you enable smart lock that warns you “Someone with a similar voice or a recording of your voice could unlock your device.” Also, it says that the conventional lock screen is much safer an option because the “Smart lock” is primarily about enhancing user convenience than improving data protection.


Trusted Voice is only one of the ongoing barrages of apps focused upon unlocking phones instead of locking it. Google steadily has been adding smart locks of different types since the launch of Lollipop such as Trusted Places that unlocks phone when you are closer to certain places like your office or home, and on-body detection feature that keeps your phone unlocked while it is in your pocket.

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