You can Download Music, Videos, Webpages and View them Offline with Chrome 55 for Android

Google always bring exciting products and features. Recently, the Internet giant announced that next Google Chrome update for PC will make it consume less RAM. The company also added alerts against visiting malicious sites, fake play, close, download buttons and misleading ads to tackle spam.

Now, after making YouTube and GoogleMaps accessible in offline mode the official “Chrome Releases” blog has announced that the latest version of Chrome for Android, version v55.0.2883.84 called Chrome 55 will be equipped with some excellent new features along with performance and memory tweaks and stability fixes.

However, the cherry on the cake in this regard is the feature that will be introduced by Google with Chrome 55. According to Chrome Releases blog, the new update will let users download music, videos as well as full web pages, download and view content in offline mode. Users may choose to view the downloaded content within Chrome or opt to share it with others.

Moreover, the Chrome 55 will be introducing spell check feature as well. This will be a great addition since it will let users avoid misspellings. The browser will highlight the wrong spelling in the text field while the user is typing so that it could be corrected. Chrome 55 will be available for download on Google Play very soon.

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Remember, Chrome 55 will be available for download on Google Play very soon so don’t download any so-called updated version of Chrome for Android from a third-party store.

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