Beware of New Ransomware Scams Targeting Android Devices!

Android-Devices-Ransomware-ScamsAndroid phones have now become a source of income for the cyber criminals. The cyber criminals have began a new type of carry out a new type of cyber crime through android phones known as ransomware. It’s not a new type of crime, there have been several cases related to it in the recent past.

If we look into the past this crime started with attacks on Personal computers, whenever a user installed any fake software which was actually a malware the system got crashed and until the user pays for it the data in the PC wasn’t retrieved.

Similar sort of thing have been done with the android devices, the cyber criminals seems to have uploaded fake anti-virus softwares and when the user downloaded it showed fake scanning of the system and showed a number of errors in the system then it asked the user to pay for fixing of errors. If he doesn’t pays for it the phone goes locked and every now and then begin to show pop-up and notifications to pay for the anti-virus.

According to the cources, ransoms ranging between $200 and $500 are demanded by the criminals and it is believed that cyber criminals are earning about $30000 a day from this act. Although, this doesn’t work upon all the phones, but, there has been a number of cases reported. Furthermore, if the phone goes locked it could only be unlocked through flashing, but, it might result in loosing of all the data the phone possessed.

Few criminals used more enticing methods for cheating people they attached a logo of some national security agencies in order to scare people. This sort of crime was previously reported as scareware, but, it’s addition to ransomware has sophisticated this crime more. The only way to keep away from this crime it to only download apps only from only official apps stores such Google app store.


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