Google Maps Shows Android Is Peeing on an Apple in Pakistan

There’s always something funny or weird going on with Google Maps. A week ago, it was Edward Snowden’s den that appeared on the top of White House and now Hacker News user spotted an Android logo peeing on Apple in Google Maps satellite view.

Click on ➸ these co-ordinates to see a funny or rather an odd image from Rawalpindi city of Pakistan showing an Android logo peeing on Apple’s logo.

At first, it seems that maybe Google is playing some sort of prank or teasing apple users, but turned out the image was user-created and submitted with the help of Google’s Map Maker tool.

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According to Google:

“Even though edits are moderated, occasionally the odd inaccurate or cheeky edit may slip through our system,” he said in a statement to Mashable. “We’ve been made aware of the issue and are working on getting it removed.”

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Android peeing on Apple logo is not the only image available on Google Maps right now. Click on these ➸ co-ordinates to see how a user is complaining about Google review policies… and yes that image is also from Rawalpindi city of Pakistan.

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