Vulnerabilities in Android will allow NSA to strengthen its grip on users


Just a few days after the reports on vulnerability in the android devices, more shocking news are disclosed. Now, it is believed that recently found vulnerability could allow NSA to gather more data belonging to the people from general public. It is believed that with hackers NSA would also be benefited by the vulnerability as they could lay a stronger foundation for their surveillance program.

NSA’s surveillance program was leaked by Snowden few weeks back and has been one of the hot topics in the world of technology these days. Although, there has been a number of opposition against such an act by NSA, but, it still continues to build on it and Android devices might be a step ahead for them.

Android devices can easily be taken over by any hacker, so, data collection is really easy and massive. NSA’s current methods for gathering data involve high risk and are leaked easily to the general public. With Android phone hacking that can easily gather masses of data without being recognized.

Here, a fact is quite noticeable Google’s system is unguarded, so, it’s easier for anyone to see what’s going on behind the scenes. At the moment, 75 percent of the smartphone users use Android devices and out of those 79 percent were reported to be attacked by different malwares. This could be because smartphones are connected to many different servers.

Google was notified on this vulnerability in the month of February and they have responded it to now by launching updates to get the users more secured. But, the fixing is still in progress and users are asked to remain vigilant while downloading anything on their smartphones.


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