Ankr Launches Chainscanner Blockchain Explorer Tool

Ankr Launches Chainscanner Blockchain Explorer Tool

The Chainscanner is available for free on the Ankr website, allowing users to search for transaction data, addresses, smart contracts, and much more.

The San Francisco, California-based leading Web3 infrastructure-providing firm Ankr has announced the launch of Chainscanner, a blockchain explorer tool. The tool is designed to help users find and analyze data on the Ethereum blockchain.

Chainscanner is available for free on the Ankr website. The tool allows users to search for transaction data, addresses, and smart contracts. It also provides a visual representation of data from the Ethereum blockchain.

The new development came just days after Ankr announced becoming the first RPC provider to the Aptos Blockchain.

Ankr Launches Chainscanner Blockchain Explorer Tool
Chainscanner’s interface

Ankr vows that Chainscanner is more user-friendly and accurate than other alternatives. What makes Chainscanner different is its focus on simplicity and usability. The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, while the underlying algorithms are designed to be more accurate and efficient.

In addition, Chainscanner offers a number of unique features that other tools lack. For example, it includes a built-in wallet explorer that allows users to track their transactions and balances in real time. It also offers an advanced search function that makes it easy to find specific transactions and addresses.

Ankr also offers AppChains-as-a-Service, a new way to develop and deploy decentralized applications. It is a turnkey solution that allows developers to focus on building their applications on customized subchains including BNB Chain (BSC), Avalanche (AVAX), and Polygon (MATIC), while Ankr manages the infrastructure and scaling.

With Chainscanner, developers and users will have access to transparent and independent results and data about validators, active users, token info, token holders, and more.

Similarly, they can also stake their tokens to support a personal selection of AppChains and participate in governance for AppChains. Users will find it easier as it pertains to getting involved with governance, staking, or development with Chainscanner.

“Chainscanner is an essential new building block for AppChains that greatly improves user experience with tools made to let users instantly search for data, stake tokens, vote on governance proposals, get development resources, apply to become a validator, and learn everything about different chains.”

Kev Silk, Product Manager for Ankr AppChains

In conclusion, Chainscanner will make it easy for users and new investors to explore the complicated blockchain ecosystem in a user-friendly manner.

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