#OpTrollIsrael: 65 Israel Websites Hacked by AnonGhost

OpTroll Israel 65 Israel Websites Hacked and Defaced by AnonGhost

The Moroccan based online hacktivist going with the handle of AnonGhost has hacked and defaced 65 Israeli websites under the banner of his ongoing operation #OpTrollIsrael.

Hacker left his deface page along with a message on all hacked sites that warns Israel for 20th November 2013, when AnonGhost plans to attack Israeli cyber space. The message was expressed in following words: 

  • We are AnonGhost and we are everywhere! There is no israel in this map, no one recognize you because it is Palestine. We are coming soon.

Targeted sites below to private businesses such as automobile dealers, electronic stores, virtual educational institutions, real estate operators, web development companies and private medical clinics.

Links of all targeted sites along with their mirrors are available below:


AnonGhost has been hacking Israeli websites since the beginning. In past he has defaced Israeli Defense Contractor ISPRAESET Distributors for Israeli and Avast Serbia websites in support of Palestine.

At the time of publishing this article, some sites were restored and some were still hacked.


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