Anonymous Fights Animal Cruelty by Exposing Email Orders to Kill Bear Cubs

This weekend, Bryce Casavant who is a Canadian conservation officer was suspended from duty when he denied the orders to kill two black bear cubs after their mother was killed for repetitively raiding a freezer located at Port Hardy which was filled with salmon and meat.

Now a series of emails has been released by some unknown hackers seeming to have some connection with the group of hackers i.e. Anonymous, these emails shows how conservation officer was forced by supervisor to slaughter two orphan bear cubs on Vancouver Island.


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These emails, which looks like a conversation between Casavant and the other party whose email address has been censored, were leaked to numerous media outlets.

Actual Story of the Cubs

Mr. Casavant and the Port Hardy firefighters rescued couple of baby bears from a tree while they were on their duty. They believed that it’s ‘immortal to shoot’ both of these curbs who could be rehabilitated.

These bear cubs, a brother and sister, were orphaned after their mother had to be destroyed after she had, at least twice, broken into a freezer of salmon and deer meat inside a mobile home located on Hardy Bay Road. These cubs were on the property looking for their mother.

So instead of killing those cubs, he decided to take them to a nearby veterinarian hospital. Then later the cubs were transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation center known as North Island Wildlife Recovery Association in Errington, where they are presently taken care of and are in good health.

But what happened after that ignited indignation on various social media platforms. Tens of thousands of people begun to sign an online appeal calling on B.C. Environment Minister Mary Polak to reinstate Casavant, and this petition, at the time of writing, has already been signed by 154,980 people. This petition requires about 45,020 more signatures to reach its ultimate goal of 200,000 supporters.

British comedian Ricky Gervias also tweeted, showing his support for Casavant.

What the Leaked Email Conversation Reveals

In the leaked email conversation held between Casavant and the supervisor (whose name has been censored), Mr. Casavant appears to disagree with the supervisor’s decision to kill the baby bears.

Casavant, while citing their 2009 policy, said that the baby bears were adapted to feed on garbage and human food, and these bears should be sent to a veterinarian for further analysis. And these baby bears aren’t risky for the general public.

But instead, the supervisor give the impression of telling him that the policy has been revised while ordering Casavant to give the baby bears to another officer so that they can be slaughtered.

“You are removed from the effective immediately. Please arrange immediate transfer of those bears to CO ”

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Conversations further revealed that Casavant continued to disagree with the supervisor by saying, “My primary mandate is public safety and the immediate threat has been removed (i.e. the sow). My duties as a law enforcement officer do not include the needless destruction of a baby animal that can be rehabilitated.” He further added, “If a provincial vet would like to do a full health and behavioural assessment for potential euthanization at a later time then that is the call of an informed decision maker who is a qualified veterinarian and will abide by zoology best practices for the destruction of an animal.”

The email conversation also states the baby bears are “not rehab candidates.”

Legitimacy of the Leaked Email Conversations

According to the reports by Global News, ministry said that the government’s emailing system wasn’t hacked, but these Anonymous hacking claims are taken very seriously while the protection of government’s network and data is a top priority.

“The office of the chief information officer has investigated allegations that emails from the Ministry of Environment have been obtained by a hacker group and found no evidence that the government’s email system was hacked Allegations of this nature are taken very seriously and the protection of our data and networks is a top priority. Although no organization is completely immune, we work on an ongoing basis to ensure the security of government systems.”

Still there’s no statement on the legitimacy of the leaked email conversations, even the officer Bryce Casavant and her wife refused to comment about the leaked emails.

Read the email conversation below:


Conservation officer suspended after refusing to euthanize orphaned bear cubs.

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