Exclusive: Anonymous Breaches Canadian Government Servers Again!

Not so long ago, Canadian servers were working under peace, but after the approval of controversial anti-terror bill C-51, there’s no peace only cyber attacks. 

On Thursday morning, the Anonymous hacktivist group conducted a massive cyber attack on Canadian government servers and breached into the Québec Parental Insurance Plan Centre, The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity (MTESS) and The National Review Commission website on employment insurance.

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The vulnerable Canadian government servers allowed Anonymous to breach the servers and access personal information of employees and users without any restriction.

Anonymous has now leaked the data online which contains databases of the targeted websites, first names, last names thousands of email addresses along with their clear-text passwords.

After scanning the data, we have found it to be legit and never been leaked online.

One thing that we’ve repeatedly noticed is that the admins at Canadian government servers have a habit of storing highly confidential data such as emails and passwords in plain-text, putting users’ privacy in jeopardy. Previously it was Police Association of Ontario having its clear-text passwords leaked by Anonymous.

In an exclusive conversation with the hacktivist behind this attack, HackRead was told these servers were attacked in retaliation over the approval of the C-51 anti-terror law.

Canada approved controversial anti-terror law C-51 that actually provides Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) immense powers as it can violate digital privacy of anyone at any time in the name of countering terrorism.

In retaliation, Anonymous shutdown the government owned websites including the online official portal Canada.ca, Department of Finance and Treasury Board, the department responsible for the day-to-day administrative duties of the federal public service. 

Canadian government should expect us again: Anonymous

On 23rd June, Anonymous hacked and defaced the official website of Montreal Police Union, leaving a video message against the bill C-51.

On June 24, 2015, Anonymous breached into the server of Police Association of Ontario, Canada (pao.ca) and leaked personal details of its 1,300 employees and registered users. 

The Anon community is angry over the approval of C-51 anti-terror law and vows to keep on targeting Canadian government until the bill is taken back.

Last but not the least on 1st July 2015, Anonymous repeatedly shut down the official website of Canadian Spy Agency Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

We can confirm that this is the same hacker who was behind the famous WTO cyber attack.

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