Anonymous Breaches Thailand Senate Website against Human Trafficking

The online hacktivist Anonymous breached into the official website of Thailand Senate and Public Health Ministry, ending up leaking login credentials against country’s alleged support for human trafficking. 

The Anonymous hacker behind the famous World Trade Organization (WTO) hack is back in news with yet another high-profile breach where login credentials of government officials have been leaked.

This time his target was Thailand Senate and Public Health Ministry websites for showing no interest in stopping human traffickers operating from the country, affecting children especially girls who are later forced into prostitution. 

Leaked Data Analysis:

After scanning the data we have found it to be legit and never been leaked before. The leaked data contains site’s database, usernames, emails and their clear-text passwords. 

Some screenshots showing the hacker had access to both Senate and Public Health Ministry websites:

Admin panel of Thailand Senate website
Admin panel of Thailand’s Public Health Ministry website

This attack isn’t as big as the WTO one, but it exposes how the governments never care for their servers and save passwords in clear-text. 

If you are looking for leaked data just click here.

Anonymous hacker vowed to come up with more high-profile data leaks in future. 

Stay tuned..!

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