Anonymous Browsing: Avira Launches Phantom VPN for Android, Windows Users

Secured data transfer

Need Secure Web Access Everywhere without Getting Identified? Avira’s Phantom VPN may help!

Avira is known for developing the very popular, award-winning software Avira Antivirus and it seems the company has been striving to provide web users a secure environment over the web space so that their privacy is not violated nor are their computers.

The latest news is that the company has launched the Avira Phantom VPN, which will allow Android and Windows users a completely secure, encrypted and anonymous access to the internet even if connected through an unsecured, public WiFi hotspot.

The USP (unique selling point) of Avira Phantom VPN is that it can easily encrypt virtually all communications between an Android smartphone or Windows PC and the internet. This helps in preventing malicious actors and cyber-criminals from listening to your private conversations and/or stealing your data.

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Through Phantom VPN, users receive new IP addresses, which is how they are able to browse anonymously. Users can also choose the country they want to appear logging from so that they could unlock geo-restricted sites.

“Phantom VPN is free for both Windows and Android devices”

For both registered and unregistered users, Phantom VPN is available for free. Therefore, you can easily download it on any Android or Windows platform. It is compatible with Windows 7 and above versions while in Android OS it is compatible with devices running on version 4.0.3 and above. However, unregistered users will receive data range of up to 500MB while registered users will receive 1GB limit. Unlimited data traffic will be offered to users who subscribe to its PRO version.

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