Anonymous Shuts Down Worlds Largest X-Rated Animal Abuse Forum

Last week, we reported how Anonymous hacked, defaced and deleted several x-rated Animal abuse websites.

Today the same Anonymous hackers have targeted the world’s largest Bestiality forum ( with a DDoS attack, forcing it to go offline.

History: Anonymous hackers started an operation under the banner of #OpBEAST. The purpose of this operation is to raise awareness about animal cruelty and websites promoting beastlity content (sexual relations between a human being and a lower animal).


Though the operation is more active on Twitter, but some Anonymous hackers decided to target such websites with DDoS and defacement.

Latest cyber attack:

The targeted forum is famous for discussing animal related sexual fantasies, suggestions, ideas and resources.



The latest attack on world’s biggest Bestiality forum has exposed hidden faces supporting x-rated animal abuse sites. It can be intentionally or unintentionally, but when Anonymous took down the forum, it was CloudFlare‘s DDoS protection which allowed it to stay online (in cache version).


Screenshot of the site when it was taken down: 


A tweet from Anonymous after shutting down the forum:

Anonymous has vowed to keep targeting animal abuse sites along with on-ground protests and demonstration against the countries who allow beastlity.

At the time of publishing this article, the forum was restored and working online. However, CloudFlare’s DDoS protection is highly questionable.

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