Anonymous DDoS Brazilian Government Websites Because Rio Olympics

Anonymous is conducting cyber attacks on Brazilian government domains and portals against Rio Olympics claiming the event is affecting natives on a large scale!

The online hacktivist Anonymous Brazil is targeting Brazilian government websites to register their protest against the ongoing Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

In their recent attack yesterday when millions around the world were watching Rio Olympics opening ceremony the hacktivist were busy conducting cyber attacks on the government websites forcing several of them to go offline. The targeted websites include the official website of the federal government for the 2016 Games (, Portal of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro (, Ministry of sports (, Brazil Olympic Committee COB ( and the official website of the Rio 2016 Olympics (

In the second phase of their attack, Anonymous leaked personal, financial and login details from domains like Brazilian Confederation of Modern Pentathlon (, official Site of the Brazilian Handball Confederation (, Brazilian Confederation of Boxing ( and Brazilian Triathlon Confederation ( The leaked CSV files also include hashed passwords of site’s registered users.


That’s not all; Anonymous is also claiming to have leaked personal details of Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Minister of Sport, President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and three businessmen who Anonymous claims are involved in corruption. 

Also, Anonymous is urging people to use Tor onion browser and conduct DDoS attacks on Brazilian sites.

Although such cyber attacks and data leaks will not stop the Olympics but the hacktivists vow to continue with their operations to unmask the elite as stated in the video below:

Hello Rio de Janeiro. We know that many have realized how harmful it was (and still is) the Olympic Games in the city. The media sells the illusion that the whole city celebrates and commemorate the reception of tourists from all over the world, many of them attracted by the prostitution network and drugs at a bargain price. This false happiness hides the blood shed in the suburbs of the city, mainly in the favelas thanks to countless police raids and military under the pretext of a fake war. Poverty is spreading throughout the city, forcing entire families to leave their homes and traditional neighborhoods on account of high prices of rent and / or removals made by a corrupt city hall and serves only the wishes of the civil construction. We already manifested in other communications our repudiation to the realization of megaevents in the middle of the glaring social inequalities in this country. Still, even after so many words, so many manifestos or protests on the streets (all always fully supervised by repression, if not repressed with brutal violence) looks like the goverment will continue ignoring the voices of their own people. Therefore, we will continue with our operations to unmask the numerous arbitrary actions of those who are state and therefore its own population enemies.

This is not the first time when Anonymous Brazil has protested against a mass sports event in the country, back in 2014 Anonymous conducted protests on the streets against Fifa world cup forcing the government to ban on the Guy Fawkes mask in Rio but in return hackers defaced FIFA Brazil World Cup website with a viral protest footage.

At the time of publishing this article; all targeted sites were restored however if you are interested in keeping an eye on Anonymous Brazil’s cyber attacks check out their Facebook page.

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