Anonymous Target North Carolina Government Sites Against anti-LGBT Law

Can a Bathroom Bill Compel Anonymous to Take Down Websites in North Carolina? — Sure it can!

Anonymous, the world’s most active group of hacktivists, has taken down a number of government websites in North Carolina over the last few days. The reason behind attacking the websites is the Bathroom Law.

For your information, this particular law is already garnering criticism from all segments of society. It basically requires people to use public bathrooms as per the gender of their birth. The law is being termed as anti-LGBT. The government has been thrashed badly and popular figures have also issued statements boycotting this law.

The information about the cyber hack was revealed via the Twitter account @OperationLGBT which was followed by this tweet.

“F— you North Carolina main govt website… making strong anti-gay laws!”

Anonymous also mocked North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCory with this tweet:

“We ask you to reverse the bathroom law or expect more…”

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The websites that have been attacked include several critically important domain names such as the following:

The state websites bearing any of these domain names weren’t accessible this Monday whereas the main website of the state was fully operational. According to an official spokesperson for the state, all of the “state government websites” were “operating as normal.” However, what gets highlighted and even strengthened by this act of Anonymous is the fact that no matter how notorious this group appears to be, it has consistently taken a stand against governments, institutions, and officials over matters of common man’s interest.

It has become the voice of hundreds and thousands of individuals, who haven’t had any particular, solid platform to voice their opinions, disgust over certain decisions and ill practices of the governments and institutions. From corruption to child sexual abuse, terrorism to laws, Anonymous has remained true to its vision, which is to safeguard public’s civil rights and to informs about the dark and evil deeds of certain individuals.

The group has also been busy taking on Donald Trump lately and in December 2015 and January 2016 against anti-Muslim speech. However, when it comes to LGBT rights this is not the first time when Anonymous has DDoSed government websites in the United States. Last year, the hacktivists shut down Indiana State website against anti-LGBT – Religious Freedom law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) – In another attack, hacktivists also shut down the website of an Indiana-based Nonprofit organization ‘Right to Life’ for supporting RFRA.

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