Norway�s financial sector under massive cyber attack, Anonymous claims �responsibility�

Norway�s�top financial institutions came under massive cyber attacks on Tuesday.Anonymous Norway appears to be behind this attack.

The attack�on Norway�s�top financial institutions/banks, such as�Danske Bank,�Norges Bank,�Sparebank and renowned insurance agencies�Gjensidige and�Storebrand had their services disrupted. Other than banks, a telecom company and three national airlines also�came under attack.

In an interview with Dagens N�ringsliv business newspaper,�Evry�s security team said:��The scale is not the largest we have seen, but it is the first time it has hit so many central players in the finance sector in Norway.� Evry provides IT services to some of the companies affected by the cyber attack.


It appears that hackers used a critical vulnerability in WordPress platform to conduct this attack. However, they weren�t able to hack or takeaway personal information of any user, it added. The investigation shows the source of these attacks was outside Norway,�Evry said.

According to one of the biggest Anonymous News Twitter handle, Anonymous Norway claimed responsibility of this attack.�


However, in below mentioned tweet you can see Anonymous Norway denying their involvement in this�attack.�


At the moment it is not clear who was behind these attacks, but one thing is certain that the attack was massive and disrupted many high profile Norwegian websites.


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